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The Northern Dimension (ND) is a joint policy between the European Union, Russian Federation, Norway and Iceland. The policy provides a framework to promote dialogue, to strengthen stability, well-being and economic cooperation and to promote economic integration, competitiveness and sustainable development in Northern Europe.

Geographically, the ND comprises the Baltic Sea and the Barents Regions, North-West Russia in the east, and Iceland and Greenland in the west, stretching increasingly towards the Arctic.

Thematically, the ND covers a wide range of sectors, such as the environment, nuclear safety, health, energy, transport, logistics, promotion of trade and investment, research, education and culture, to name a few.

This website generates, gathers and disseminates knowledge and information on the Northern Dimension. The website is maintained by the Northern Dimension Institute (NDI), which is an open network community of universities and research institutes.

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