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The Northern Dimension Institute (NDI) organized four Northern Dimension Future Forums in November 2018. The first was the…
Title Published Date
NDPHS E-Newsletter is published 23 December 2016
Baltic Rim Economies 6/2016 published 22 December 2016
ND Newsflash 4/2016 - visions for 2030 21 December 2016
European Neighbourhood Instrument Cross-Border Cooperation Programmes 21 December 2016
Northern Dimension in 2030 – How to grasp the opportunities and fight the challenges? 21 December 2016
Automatization and environmental concerns changing the transport sector 21 December 2016
Environmental pollution knows no borders 21 December 2016
Towards cross-overs between cultural and creative industries and other sectors 21 December 2016
Where are we heading: Healthier and wealthier? 21 December 2016
Focus on EU-Russia cooperation 21 December 2016
Northern Dimension Senior Officials convened in Reykjavik 21 December 2016
New investments in wastewater treatment in Belarus 21 December 2016
ND Partnership on Culture Newsletter is published 20 December 2016
Horizon 2020 SME Instrument factsheets 14 December 2016
Promoting clean shipping by learning from sulphur regulations - project Envisum 14 December 2016
From Innovation to Implementation: eHealth in the WHO European Region 14 December 2016
HELCOM meeting: Greenlighting assessment tools and indicators for State of the Baltic Sea report 14 December 2016
Barents Cooperation Forum presentations 14 December 2016
Risks of oil spills closely mon­itored in the Gulf of Fin­land 13 December 2016
Why is the Number of Finno-Ugric Peoples Decreasing? 13 December 2016
AIDS Denialism: Fear and Uncertainty 13 December 2016
Different cultures and their experiences of pain 13 December 2016
AGH University of Science and Technology: elimination of overloaded vehicles from roads 13 December 2016
Russia’s energy security in the long term: capacity remuneration mechanisms 13 December 2016

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