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ICASS X International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences / June 15-19, 2021

Regional development and politics
Tuesday, 15th June 2021 - Saturday, 19th June 2021
Northern (Arctic) Federal University, in Arkhangelsk, Russia

The International Arctic Social Sciences Association (IASSA) announces the 10th International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences (ICASS X) to be held on the campus of Northern (Arctic) Federal University, in Arkhangelsk, Russia, June 15-19, 2021 (postponed from June 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak).

ICASS X's theme is Arctic Generations: Looking Back and Looking Forward. Research on social sciences and humanities have a great responsibility to address the challenges for sustainable development in the Arctic, with a specific focus on past, present and future generations of Arctic residents. The generational nature of changes and responses have lately become more recognized by many policymakers and researchers. A focus on generations highlights the long-term, fundamental nature and scope of changes, impacts and adaptation strategies. Another focus of ICASS X is Indigenous knowledge and inter- and transdisciplinary research in the Arctic.

ICASS X will mark the 30th anniversary of IASSA. ICASS is held every three years, bringing together people from all over the world to share ideas about social science and humanities research in the Arctic.


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  • From Tuesday, 15th June 2021 to Saturday, 19th June 2021

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