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Virtual Forum on a Call for Bold Regional /Global Actions to Reduce Black Carbon Emissions Impacting the Arctic / April 29, 2021

Thursday, 29th April 2021 00:00
EU-funded Virtual Forum 'A Call for Bold Regional and Global Actions to Reduce Black Carbon Emissions Impacting the Arctic'
29 april 2021
14.00-16.30 (CET)
Black carbon is an important driver of climate change causing increased warming and melting of snow and ice in the Arctic region and globally and is a significant air pollutant causing serious human health effects. Most black carbon emissions impacting on the Arctic originate from non-Arctic sources in Asia, Europe and North America. Emissions sources within or in close proximity to the Arctic, however, have higher per unit impacts. Mitigating black carbon pollution can have immediate positive results but requires urgent regional and global actions now with enhanced cooperation.

The Arctic is well recognized as a region of global importance concerning the impacts of climate change. Led by a group of expert organisations, the EU-funded Action on Black Carbon in the Arctic is contributing to the development of collective responses that reduce black carbon emissions affecting the Arctic by engaging with a broad group of regional and global stakeholders and countries to identify feasible ways of taking joint actions. This initiative has contributed to increased knowledge and guided the development of a roadmap on enhanced international cooperation for actions that can reduce emissions of black carbon.

This Virtual Forum will present recent advances in knowledge on current and future scenarios, black carbon emissions reduction strategies and identify areas where regional and global collaboration can be enhanced. An international panel will stimulate discussion on where and to what degree bold actions can be undertaken to curb black carbon emissions impacting the Arctic region and other parts of the world.


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  • Thursday, 29th April 2021 00:00

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